Things I've Learned So Far | Uganda

Things I've learned in Uganda so far:

- The areas I've visited of Uganda are so humble.  Its a lesson in what to be grateful for.
- Driving is crazy. Everybody driving everywhere, not coloring in the lines. They also drive on the left side of the road and it throws me off everyday. And motorcyclists are seriously good at maneuvering through tiny spaces. 
-Its nearly impossible to cross the street without fear.
- If you need anything (i.e.: plastic boots, toilet paper, ground nuts, Uganda flags, or pencils) don't go out of your way to find a supermarket on your way home. Someone is likely selling it in the streets. 
- You can get a motorcycle (boda boda) ride from just about any motorcycle on the street for less than a dollar.
- Monkeys are nice(-er) and baboons smash windows to get a banana left on the dashboard.
- There's so much more openness than in the states. They talk to people they don't know every time they enter a new building.

Uganda is grand.

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