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One thing I find so special about photography is its ability to capture an emotion. I got into photography because I wanted to save those moments. I wanted to save the memory of that special experience: the perfect pirouette, the genuine joy of a bride, and the intense emotions after winning a game. I absolutely love being the person you turn to when you have something so special you want to document it forever.

The Photographer

HEY! I'm Rachel DesJardins

All my work is a result of places I've been and stories I've had the pleasure of capturing. I love being presented with opportunities to save stories and memories through photography. 


Beyond photographing people, I enjoy hiking and camping along the North Shore in Minnesota and I make a point to travel and soak in new cultures. My passport is always valid and you can see some of the places I've traveled in my personal photography!

Take a peek through my site to see the memories I've captured.  Maybe yours will be one of them soon!