Bakken Family

I met Kaia and her family through mutual friends and we connected instantly over our overlapping careers. Our friendship has taken off you'll often find us enjoying a weekday evening creating together. Kaia makes journals and books for her business Dustling + Hart, and while she pours her heart into that, I'll work on macrame and embroidery to keep my mind busy and my creative juices flowing. This day however, was special because she asked me to photograph her growing family. Their babies Juniper + Boone now make a family of four - and the cutest family if you ask me...

We kept it low-key and captured the truest version of their family. We spent some time together bundling up the family for the outdoors, then took a walk around their property. The sun played nice and we got some great mid-November snuggly photos for them to remember this season of their lives.

Rachel DesJardinsComment