The Summer "Happies" | Summer 2018

Guys, I live for summer.  I have a special place in my heart for MN winters only because I grew up here. I wouldn't be able to easily live somewhere without all four seasons, but man.... summer gives me energy to do the rest of the year...

This year I'm looking forward to:

-Camping more
-Shooting weddings
-Diving into and helping foster the photographer's community here in MN
-Working in my gardens
-Investing in friendships that have been pushed to the side when I worked a million jobs and had no time for people.

So far my gardens are blooming and I have one North Shore trip under my belt. I have made so many new photographer friends in MN and in the next few days I plan on sitting down and putting a date on the calendar for a "photog's meetup". So far, so good, Summer.

*if you were wondering: Lana is way too sad for me. Hence the title of this blog.


A few images from this summer so far...