Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer! What is a Photography "Style" Anyways?

What is a Photography "Style" Anyways?

Oh friends, it can be so daunting trying to find your perfect wedding photographer when you don’t even know what how to find them! Let me walk you through a few key pieces to finding the photographer that is right for you!

Know what style of photography you want!

Wait what does that mean? There are different styles? Yes! Let’s break this down because this is easily the most important key to loving your wedding photos! There are two pieces that make up a photographer’s style:

1:How they shoot

There are different approaching to how a photographer will shoot a wedding day. Two main options you will heart are “lifestyle” or “story-telling” and “traditional” which includes “posing” and “find art”. Lifestyle photographers capture the moments as they happen. They won’t ask you to pose a certain way or tilt your head just right. They want to capture the moment and the memory for you. Traditional photographers are all about getting the perfect angles and setting up a shot “just so”. They will put you in poses and make sure to tell you just how to stand to “flatter your figure”. There are also plenty of photographers out there who are somewhere in the middle, but you won’t know until you ask them! Another element of how a photographer shoots is what they shoot on. Most of the photography industry photographs on digital cameras, but there are also a few film photographers out there! There are benefits to both sides and different photographers use different mediums for different reasons, but most of the photographers who gravitate towards film do so for it’s rich character and artistic capabilities.


Justina Louise Photography


Rachel DesJardins - DesJardins Studio


2:How they edit Part 1 - ADJUSTMENTS

Ok. This is a big one. Do you like the creamier photos? Bright and colorful? There are a few “insider” terms we use so let me introduce you to them!

Light + Airy


Dark + Moody

Think “a little lighter than real life”, “in line with real life”, or “a little darker than real life”. Pretty self explanatory! Examples below!


3:How they edit Part 2 - COLOR

Then we start talking about colors. Color manipulation is a big part of how someone edits. Here are the most common options:

Honest (colors are pretty darn close to real life)

Neutral (colors are less saturated)

Creamy (everything has an warm/orange-y glow)

Vibrant (honest colors, just more saturated)

There are plenty of variations of how a photographer tweek their colors as part of their style, but these were the main ones you will come across!


Light + Airy
Creamy + Bright - Michelle Lorraine
Cool + Bright - Justina Louise

Neutral + Honest - Sandi Grunzinger
Vibrant - Scherer Photo Co.
Honest + Honest- Rachel DesJardins (me!)

Darm + Moody
Warm - The Coe Collective


Deciding on a photographer is a huge decision - how do you want your photos to look in 50 years?! Nobody can tell you what is best because this decision is based solely on opinion.

As a general note, photographers often bounce between a couple categories regularly. The lighting can affect how a photo’s warmth or saturation turns out and may sway the category of a photo. Any good photography edits consistently though and their photos will all look similar to each other. You should always hire a photographer with consistency so that you know what your photos will look like when they are returned to you!

Wondering what my style is? The way I found my editing style was asking myself “how do I want my photos to look years from now?” I want my couples to look back on their wedding day and remember it for exactly what it was: my edits sway between “honest” and “dark + moody” and my color would fall under the “honest” and a little bit “vibrant” categories. I edit per wedding so that the edit is appropriate for your wedding day!

There is so much to the process of documenting a wedding day, but this will give you a jump start to understanding the different styles of photography! ENJOY!

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