3rd World | Healing Haiti

I don't know what expectations I brought with me to Haiti and I couldn't put in words what I learned on my trip. But I know that what I came out of it with, is a better understanding of what my needs really are, and how important giving love and attention is. I struggled a lot with the transition between the city we were living in that week where there was power 95% of the time, to visiting the orphanages where kids wore barely any clothes and had no electricity, and then visiting the coast one day at a beautiful resort in-between mountains. The juxtaposition of homes they lived in against the beauty of the coast was baffling to me.

Trips like these make you think about what you have and why you have it. Things like bathing in drinkable water feels relatable to wearing diamond studded shoes after experiencing Haiti. It seems silly that I have a room to myself when Haitian families live together in square cinder block tin-roof homes. And it's not only that we have so much but that we "need" so much We would be unwilling to "go and sell all of your possessions and give to the poor" because we "need" to thrive in our earthly existence. Seeing how they live gave me some perspective on how much I actually need.