Present for your story.

Let's throw away the poses and start capturing real moments. I'll provide the umbrella, you bring the kisses... I want to capture your "right now", and "this is how it feels".

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Real people. Real stories.


hey you.

Let's make memories.

Here is the deal.  I want you to remember how it felt. And then when your memory fails you, I want my photos to do the work. I do my best to capture the tender moments, the stolen glances, and the belly laughs.


HEY! I'm Rachel DesJardins

The lady behind the lens and the passion behind the story. All my work is a result of places I've been and stories I've had the pleasure of capturing. 

I shot my first wedding (a story I won't get into now...) in 2013 and never looked back. I do what I love full-time and couldn't be happier.

Every photographer is unique and has their own style. From me, you'll see that I pose less and guide more. I'll never tell you to tilt your head 45 degrees to the left because that's not what real life is about. Real life is about having a moment so special you want it documented forever.

I resfresh through hiking and camping along the North Shore in Minnesota or getting crafty. My passport is always valid and I'm always saving miles for my next big trip. High on my list are Ireland, Italy, Norway, Austria, Spain, and I could always go back to Switzerland.

Take a peek through my site to see the memories I've captured.  Maybe yours will be one of them soon!



I'm Rachel. My plants are my babies, my baby is a dog, and I dance in my kitchen. What about you? What's your story?

I share a bit more about myself every once in a while (when I'm not gushing over a recent session) on my Instagram. You can follow my story there!

Wanna know more?



Hey friends! Take a peek at your wedding date below to make sure I’m still available! If there is a grey box over your date, it means that I am booked! Is your date available? Let’s chat about your story and documenting the belly laughs and stolen glances, dancing down the isle, and the after party on the dance floor!


You can still reach out for a booked date to use one of my associate photographers who carry the same passion for story-telling! Sarah + Jenessa are both amazing photographers and both value your story. Let’s chat and see if it would be a good fit!