Congrats friends! I can’t wait to hear all about how it went down and what your story together is! I want to know all about how you met, when you knew this would be forever, and how you made it official! Let’s grab coffee, chat about your story, and put a session date on the calendar!



30+ photos

In an engagement story session we spend roughly 30 minutes together and document the warm and fuzzies - the cuddles in bed, and all the kisses. As with all story sessions, I focus on moments over poses - belly laughs over fake smiles - frolicking through fields over awkward ladder props.
You get the picture.

The thing I hear the most is “my fiance is NOT excited about photos" or “we aren’t exactly photogenic”. Trust me when I say pretty much every couple in the above photos said those exact words. You can be the judge of how photogenic they are : )