S + A | Redeemed Farm, MN

I could not have a picked a more beautiful day myself. I for one am a huge fan of rain on wedding days. The clouds mean nobody is going to get too hot, the rain adds a fun element for photos, and if there is enough of it, who wouldn't want to dance in the rain?! Ash + Sam got lucky with just enough rain to make everything glimmer.

Every photographer dreams of beautiful venues. For MN photographers, that list includes Mill City Museum, Bloom Lake Barn, Paikka (sorry if I'm drooling), the list goes on. But a new (and OH so beautiful) venue to the Stillwater area is Redeemed Farm in Scandia, and this is where Ashley + Sam chose to tie the knot. Their day was so intentional and so so beautiful. MOB Monique killed it with her artful eye (not surprising, because she owns Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater!) and Ash not only had a first look with her husband-to-be, but also with her step-son. How sweet!


DesJardins Studio

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Photographer: Rachel DesJardins
Second Shooter: Kaia Bakken
Venue: Redeemed Farm, Scania MN

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