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When wedding day came, Alex + Amanda's wedding day started off with storms that brought down two out of three tents they had set up, flooded the area under the last standing tent that had been the "rain" plan for the ceremony if "shine" didn't make an appearance, and high hopes were starting to drown. The sentiment that their wedding was being moved to the chapel down the road, "Plan C", was less than encouraging.   

An hour before the ceremony was scheduled to start, you would not have been able to imagine the transition, it was instantly beautiful out. And not beautiful as in, "Oh, what a beautiful morning", but as unbelievably beautiful as it gets. The wind died down, the tents were set back up, the ceremony was moved out from under the flooded tent to a garden in from the Lake Michigan, and  the sun was sitting at an angle that cast golden halos around the bridal party during the ceremony. 

The day continued as if from a dream... 

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Photographer: Rachel DesJardins
Second Shooter: Daniel Wagner
Venue: Sunset Lodge, Glenn, MI

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